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2011 Mini-grant Recipient: Vicki Krogstrand 0

Vicki Krogstrand

Idaho Falls District #91

PACE (Programs for Academica and Creative Education

Gifted and Talented


The yearlong topic for our PACE students was Immigration.  The PACE students were in a pull-out program for one dull day per week.  The unit was based on the Interact Simulation called “Gateway: A simulation of immigration issues in past and present America.”

The “big questions” for the unit were:

  1. Will the American dream die for all of us if we severely restrict immigration to our shores?
  2. To what degree should we expect immigrants to “Americanize” themselves?
  3. What does the word “Americanize” mean?
The culminating activity, an Open House, provided parents and adult guest with the opportunity to take on the role of the immigrants while many of the students were processors as they traveled through Ellis Island.  A “Project Fair” was also held.   Many people commented on the authenticity of the experience.
Below, you will find student samples of work completed by students as a part of the culminating project requirement.



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