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Dianne Bevis -2016 0

Dianne Bevis -2016

Congratulations to Dianne Bevis, the 2016 ITAG/SAGE GEM Award Winner!

Dianne has made an enormous difference into the lives of many. She is generous with support, advice, expertise and her time all with grace and professionalism. Her former students took away knowledge, but also assurance that she would support them as they grew up and figured out the path meant for them. Dianne is resourceful, bright, and she models what it truly means to be a lifelong learner.

After moving to Boise in 1975, she taught special education at Longfellow School for two years, then resigned from the school district and started working at the State Department of Education on a Special Ed Javits Grant to train teachers throughout the state in the implementation of PL.94-142. She continued working part and full time for the SDE until 1985. In 1985-1986, she filled in for Linda von Tagen and Susan Riley in the GATE Program while they were on leave.
In 1986, she was hired as a full-time GATE Facilitator based at Hillcrest School. She has worked at Highlands, Washington , Longfellow, Hillcrest, Monroe, Owyhee, Whitney, Liberty and was part of the original staff at Riverside School, starting in 1992. She has been at Riverside School since then.
Dianne is most proud of the individual connections she has made with students. Congratulations, Dianne! Thank you for all you have done for gifted students in Idaho!

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