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2016 Mini Grant Winners 0

Betty Turner – Collister Elementary School, Boise

A picture of pumpkin plants in July.

Pumpkin seeds in July!

Betty’s highly gifted 1st and 2nd graders participated in the construction and maintenance of several school garden beds. Betty’s grant helped to pay for the irrigation supplies to keep the garden thriving. Students have used the garden to learn more about the living world during their Plants unit.


Beautiful garden, Mrs. Turner and students!


Wendy Frost – Cynthia Mann Elementary School, Boise

A picture of the winning counter top design.

The winning counter top design.

A picture of a counter with stools and computers.

The finished space!

Wendy’s grant allowed her to purchase six stools and the materials for a new counter top in her full-time gifted classroom.  Students are able to swivel and move while they work, and the stools can be adjusted to a comfortable height for everyone.  The 3rd and 4th graders also had a fantastic time with a counter/table design contest. Students built models from Lego, cardboard or wood in the school’s STEM lab, then had a debate to discuss the pros and cons of each design, and finally voted on the winner.  

Way promote STEM and problem solving, Wendy!


Sabrina Gary – Monroe Elementary School, Boise

Sabrina’s 2nd grade gifted students love performing plays. Often they will read a story from Great Books and take a week to learn vocabulary, make predictions, and discuss open ended questions in a Socratic seminar.  The students all get a part in a play created from the story and spend about two weeks preparing to perform it.  The 2nd graders work on drama and presentation skills such as using a microphone, reading with expression, movement on stage, scenes, accents, confidence, and patience. Sabrina’s grant will help provide audio equipment and props to help make the student plays even more engaging than they already are!

Your creativity is wonderful, Sabrina!


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