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Mini Grant Winners

2016 Mini Grant Winners

Betty Turner – Collister Elementary School, Boise Betty’s highly gifted 1st and 2nd graders participated in the construction and maintenance of several school garden beds. Betty’s grant helped to pay for the irrigation supplies to keep the garden thriving. Students have used the garden to learn more about the living world during their Plants unit. […]

2015 Mini Grant Winners

Scarlett Randall – Hawthorne Elementary, Boise Scarlett received a $200 grant to purchase supplies for the S.T.E.A.M. room at Hawthorne. This project was inspired by a student whose fascination with 3D printers led to the receipt of a large grant to purchase a printer. ITAG is excited to be part of supporting tinkering and making […]

2014 Mini Grant Winners

Dave Holland – Dave was awarded a $200 mini grant to purchase electrical supplies such as wiring, receptacles, and switches. Dave’s Mountain Home students, along with community mentors, are building a tiny house as a shelter for those who cannot afford a traditional home. Students have also reached out to the community to obtain other […]

2011 Mini-grant Recipient: Brian Marinelli

Brian Marinelli Boise School District Classical Program 2011-2012 Rocket Day at Pierce Park Elementary School was a great success.  Students were able to shoot their rockets and share this experience with fellow peers as well as their parents and teachers.  As a member of ITAG, Mr. Marinelli was able to apply for a mini grant […]

2011 Mini-grant Recipient: Vicki Krogstrand

Vicki Krogstrand Idaho Falls District #91 PACE (Programs for Academica and Creative Education Gifted and Talented 2011-2012 The yearlong topic for our PACE students was Immigration.  The PACE students were in a pull-out program for one dull day per week.  The unit was based on the Interact Simulation called “Gateway: A simulation of immigration issues […]