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Gem Award Winners

Diane Rowen Gamire – 2017

Congratulations to Diane Rowen Garmire, our 2017 GEM Award winner.  Diane has shared her love for creativity with gifted students and teachers throughout the states of Idaho and Washington.  She has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to gifted education and her passion for this is always evident!  Diane taught for 39 years in the public […]

Dianne Bevis -2016

Congratulations to Dianne Bevis, the 2016 ITAG/SAGE GEM Award Winner! Dianne has made an enormous difference into the lives of many. She is generous with support, advice, expertise and her time all with grace and professionalism. Her former students took away knowledge, but also assurance that she would support them as they grew up and figured […]

Susan Wolfe – 2015

ITAG/SAGE congratulates Susan on the recognition of her commitment to Idaho’s gifted students. In addition to teaching in general education classrooms, Susan has served in administrative roles, as education director, and as a teacher in self-contained, multi-grade gifted classrooms.  Indeed, she initiated one of the first District pilot programs of this type at Whitney Elementary for 4th, […]

Peggy Wenner – 2014

Not only has she been there at the State Department probing, pushing, educating, drafting, and rallying for support and funding for gifted and talented education, but she has also been a great contributor and attendee to the ITAG meetings. Her energetic focus, care, and concern for gifted education has been amazing. Dr. Peggy Wenner completed […]

Marlene Moore – 2013

  Congratulations to Marlene Moore, GT Facilitator at COSSA, for being selected for the ITAG/SAGE Gifted Education Milestone Award! Marlene has been involved in Gifted Education for 12 years, during which she has developed an in-depth, creative pull-out program for K-6. Her peers say that Marlene is …”a positive and innovative advocate for gifted students. […]

Scarlett Randall – 2012

Congratulations to Scarlett Randall, 2012 GEM AWARD winner.

Chris Meyers-Zacharias – 2011

Congratulations to Chris Meyers-Zacharias, 2011 GEM AWARD winner.

Alyce Lundbohm 2011

“I believe all children are gifted. I am thankful for the 45 years I have been given the opportunities to help students pursue their interests and passions.”

Linda Stokes – 2010

It is with great honor, respect and gratitude that ITAG/SAGE recognizes Linda Stokes as the 2010 Idaho Gifted Education Milestone (GEM)Award recipient.

Dr. Lorna Finman – 2009

Community member Dr. Lorna Finman was presented the Gem Award at the CEC Conference in Sun Valley in October.