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Dr. Lorna Finman – 2009 0

Community member Dr. Lorna Finman was presented the Gem Award at the CEC Conference in Sun Valley in October. Dr Finman, from Post Falls, is active in making a significant impact on science education for students, not only in North Idaho, but throughout the entire state.

Dr. Finman personally sponsors hundreds of students on teams for the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST TECH Challenge, and FIRST Lego League. She has changed the lives of these students and will directly impact their futures, many of whom will enter fields in science, engineering or robotics solely because of this experience provided by Dr. Finman.

She is sponsoring robotics summer camps for students, which will deepen their enthusiasm for science and engineering. In addition, she is building a huge science center complex in the Coeur d’ Alene area, which will havethreesections: roboticsactivities,hands-onsci- ence center activities, and laboratories for students and teachers to conduct real-world science research.

Dr. Finman has been a judge for the Regional Invent Idahocompetition. Lornaworkedtirelesslytoassista Post Falls robotics team to complete its robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition, where they finished 9th outof51teamsinthewholenorthwest. Finally,by providing the FIRST Lego League opportunity for students, one team of fifth graders had the amazing opportunity, after winning the State competition, to be selected as one of only six teams to present their re- search solution at the Children’s Climate Call in Co- penhagen, Denmark.

There is simply no other single individual in this state who is currently having as much impact on students’ education as Dr. Lorna Finman.

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