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Feb. 2013, ITAG Executive Board Meeting Notes 0

ITAG  Notes –Executive Board Meeting

February 1, 2013

5:00-6:30 p.m.

Fort Boise, Boise, ID

List of Attendees:   Teri Mahler, Tina Polishchuk, Amy Wiltrout, Erin Kueneman, Kelly Brady, Ingrid Jungen, Sue Wolfe

President’s Thank You

Teri Mahler, thanked all the members of the executive board for the previous year and gave presents of pens and personalized cards to the members. Teri also offered to help the group create group norms to help make the next year run more smoothly.

Change of Positions

Teri Mahler passed on the presidency to Tina Polishchuk.

New officer recognition by Tina of the following positions:

President elect – Ingrid Jungen                                                 Vice-President- Erin Kueneman

Treasurer – Kelly Brady                                                                 Secretary-Amy Wiltrout

Winter Edufest

Erin and Amy will be attending Winter Edufest, Feb. 6-8th. Together they will run the silent auction. Amy is taking up items (donations from Sue Wolfe, Tina, Teri, and Nancy Gregory). Amy will set up the table – Erin is bringing up the bid sheets and the items for the ITAG table.  Both ladies are in charge of recruiting new members and looking for area representatives such as Deidre. Erin will be in charge of communicating with Marcia as well as giving announcements during the luncheons. Amy is taking up her laptop for membership registration.

Review and Adopt New Officer Roles and Responsiblilities

Teri passed out copies of the new officer roles and responsibilities that the executive board worked on at the CEC conference in October. Officers are to look them over and make any changes needed.

Treasurer info:

Amy shared a binder of ITAG newsletters that she organized from 2000-2012. Amy also reported that all taxes had been shredded from before 2005. She passed on the treasurer box and files to Kelly Brady.

Next meetings:

The board asked for volunteers to meet on Feb. 16th – to work on the by-laws.  Volunteers are: Tina P., Amy W., Sherrie Bosserman (previously asked)

The board decided to meet on Feb. 23rd in order to share information from Winter Edufest.


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