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Important ITAG/SAGE updates for 2013 0

Dear ITAG Member,

     We would like to personally update you on things that have been going on hear at ITAG/SAGE. The new year has already proven to be a busy one.  We would like to notify you of some things going on around the state and hope to get your help in connecting resources.
     Winter Edufest is right around the corner, February 7-9.  ITAG/SAGE will be running a Silent Auction at the conference.  We are looking for items such as art work, gift certificates or other such things that we could auction off. If you have anything that you can contribute to the Silent Auction, please contact us right away at or you can call Tina Polishchuk at (208) 860-4511.
     Below, you will find a link to a member survey.  The survey will take you less than five minutes. We generously ask that ALL of our members take a moment to fill this out.  This information will be used solely by ITAG/SAGE to help us coordinate resources as we build an understanding for the GT climate in the state.  As many of you know, the GT programs in the state currently face some very difficult challenges.  This information will allow us to better understand how students are being served and allow us to stay connected with you.
            Survey Link  or copy and paste the following:

     At the beginning of the year,  ITAG members met at the state department along with employees from the SDE, parents, coordinator, and professors to revise the Professional Teaching Standards.  We will send out information on what was accomplished during that time in our Spring Newsletter.
     ITAG/SAGE will also be working on revisiting the organizations bylaws.  There will be a committee that will meet on February 16th to begin this work.  If you are interested in working with us on this committee please let us know.  Otherwise, watch your email for updates on more information as we do this important work.
     Lastly, Edufest 2013 is scheduled for July 28–August 2.  We will also be sending more information on this upcoming event.  We encourage you to plant the seed to your administrators or other personnel to make it possible for you to attend. Also, please consider inviting a colleague to Edufest so that we can continue to support excellent professional development in the field of gifted education for all educators.
     If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for our board please feel free to contact us anytime.  We enjoy staying connected with you.
ITAG/SAGE Executive Board

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