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ITAG members, Beth Brubaker and Scarlett Randall coordinated the Invent Idaho! regional and state-wide competitions.  Here’s their news!

Invent Idaho State Finals: “Phenomenal!”

Imagine a ballroom filled with over 130 young inventors and 350 parents cheering proudly as their child was honored as an Invent Idaho State Finals winner! The event, which was described as “phenomenal” by numerous attendees, was held for the first time at the University of Idaho in Moscow. The collaboration between the University of Idaho and Invent Idaho has the support of President Duane Nellis, who stated, “The University of Idaho is committed to STEM education from kindergarten through college. That’s why we’re pleased to host the Invent Idaho State Finals in Moscow as an event that inspires brighter futures for individual students and for Idaho.”

Young inventors and their parents were treated like royalty by the University of Idaho at the Invent Idaho State Finals with exciting tours and Science demonstrations including Ruben’s fire, a Van de Graaff generator, Tesla coils, virtual reality, robotics, and liquid nitrogen. Students were interviewed by media and radio personalities and then feasted on ice cream after the awards ceremony, in which Senator John Goedde shook the hand of every winning inventor!

Most significantly, however, is the creative problem solving process that these
students learned by their participation in the Invent Idaho program, which inspires children to find solutions to real problems in their world and then develop prototypes and models of their creative ideas. For example, one young inventor, who won Best of Show for the primary grades, designed “The Swipe and Wipe”– an alcohol pad, test strip, and dry wipe in one whole strip to save time and money for diabetics. This fourth grader had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, so his invention was personal and practical—the heart of Invent Idaho in action!

Best of Show winners received an NXT Robotics kit donated by Discover
Technology, a $200 U.S. Savings Bond sponsored by Rathdrum Power, an invitation to a personal dinner with Doctors Pam and Forrest Bird, and a $1000 scholarship provided by the University of Idaho to be held until the student is of college age.

The Invent Idaho program is poised to experience exponential growth with
emphasis on STEM initiatives throughout Idaho. To learn more about how your school and students can become a part of this outstanding opportunity, visit the Invent Idaho website or contact Beth Brubaker 208-660-4349. The popularity of Invent Idaho has now expanded beyond our borders with the advent of the new Invent Washington program. To learn more about Invent Washington, contact Diane Garmire 208-651-1982 or email

These young inventors are the future of our country!

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