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Legislature Passes Bills to Support Advanced Learners 0

Legislature Passes Bills to Support Advanced Learners

This post first appeared on the Treasure Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education listserve. It was written and posted by Barb Minton.

Some new options for advanced learners passed by our legislature this past session.

Senate bill 1233 approved funds to cover up to 75% of the cost of taking dual credit courses, college-bearing exams, or professional-technical exams.  Every high school juior will have access to a a maximum of $200 a year and each high school senior will have access to a maximum of $400 a year.

The 8 in 6 program allows Idaho students to progress through the high school graduation requirements earning eight years of credit (grade 7 through 14) in six years (grades 7 through 12). The state department of education will reimburse up to $225 per overload course for participating students.

Dual credit for Early Completers — students who have completed all the state’s high school graduation requirements (expect the senior project or other courses required by the state to be taken in the senior year) can take up to 18 college credits per semester and be reimbursed by the state up to $75 per college credit earned.

Mastery Advancement Program – enables districts and charter schools to utilize mastery exams to allow students to progress more quickly through high school and earn a scholarship for postsecondary education redeemable at all Idaho public postsecondary institutions.

If you are interested in the details of any of the above, you might want to contact Jennifer Caprile at 208-332-6944 or who is the contact person for the state Advanced Opportunities Program.

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