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Linda Stokes – 2010 0

Linda Stokes – 2010

Linda Stokes accepting Gem AwardIt is with great honor, respect and gratitude that ITAG/SAGE recognizes Linda Stokes as the 2010 Idaho Gifted Education Milestone (GEM)Award recipient. Linda stands apart as an exceptional educator and GT advocator. She has been involved with ITAG since 1999 and has served as the organization’s past presi- dent. Linda is truly a positive, creative, innovative and fasci- nating person!

As to her credentials: Linda is in her 40th year of teaching, and has been advocating for and teaching gifted children since 1980. She started the first elementary gifted program in Albuquerque, NM, at Navajo Elementary. Many Albuquer- que students have benefited from her outreach and advo- cacy for gifted learners.

In 1999, as a Boise School District GT employee, she helped design, lead, and imple- ment new programs. She cur- rently serves in one of these programs: a full-time gifted 2-3 highly gifted classroom. Linda has written and received nu- merous grants to benefit gifted services:

  • Nine yearsofINLScienceGrantsresulting in $20,000 to fund technology projects and gifted services for Collister Elementary
  • BoiseFoundationGrantsfor Giftedand

Talented teachers to attend National JA- SON Science Training

  • A computer grant providing Netbooks to theHighlyGiftedProgram

In addition to her classroom achievements, Linda is an instructional leader with a passion for creativity, science, and technology.

She has served as the Destination Imagination Coach with over 9 teams as National Finalists, JA- SON Agent for Boise Schools Gifted Pro- grams from 2000-2009, presented two strands at Edufest since 2000, and performed editorial work for Mac- Millan Publishing Company texts – “Science Hands On Minds On.”

Linda has truly been a bright and shiny star in the gifted education community here and afar! Respectfully submitted by Susan Wolfe, Education Director, Foothills School of Arts and Sciences.

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