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Peggy Wenner – 2014 1

Peggy Wenner – 2014

Not only has she been there at the State Department probing, pushing, educating, drafting, and rallying for support and funding for gifted and talented education, but she has also been a great contributor and attendee to the ITAG meetings. Her energetic focus, care, and concern for gifted education has been amazing. Dr. Peggy Wenner completed degrees in Music and English at Northwest Nazarene College in 1974, an MA in Literature at Breadloaf School of English in Middlebury, VT in 1981, and a Ph.D. in British Literature at the University of Kansas in 1992. Peggy has worked for thirteen years as the Arts and Humanities Coordinator in the Idaho State Department of Education and additionally as Coordinator for Gifted and Talented in the past two years. Peggy’s most recent reading passion involves anything relating to creativity and how creative, divergent-thinking students learn. At work, she loves to serve those serving gifted students—and at home, she enjoys—traveling!

Peggy is an dedicated educator because she cares for kids.  Even in her role at the State Department, it’s evident that she’s passionate about the cause.

From:  Tina P 🙂

Peggy has never stopped championing for the people who have talent, ability and the often misunderstood. She is the perfect person to receive the Gem award.  Peggy is a gem herself.

From:  Diane G 🙂

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  1. davekathi2000
    Nov 26, 2014 @ 07:26:56

    I got to know Peggy a little better at CEC this fall, as a G/T facilitator, I feel blessed to have her represent me at the state level.
    From Dave H

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