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Susan Wolfe – 2015 0

Susan Wolfe – 2015

ITAG/SAGE congratulates Susan on the recognition of her commitment to Idaho’s gifted students. In addition to teaching in general education classrooms, Susan has served in administrative roles, as education director, and as a teacher in self-contained, multi-grade gifted classrooms.  Indeed, she initiated one of the first District pilot programs of this type at Whitney Elementary for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.   Her work in identifying low-socioeconomic, culturally different and twice-exceptional gifted students has resulted in increased identification and placement of students in appropriate settings at her schools.  She is an innovative educator who is a master of differentiation of instruction  and construction of curriculum in order to meet the wide range of individual students’ readiness levels, interests and learning profiles in her classrooms. Susan has also been actively involved with ITAG/SAGE on the Executive Board. She continues in a leadership role by working with fellow organization representatives to advocate for support from the Idaho Legislature for gifted education. Congratulations, Susan!

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